I want to bless you and you shall be a blessing (Genesis 12, 2)

Intrasonance also corresponds to the mode of action of blessing, which is awarded with a corresponding intention.

You can bless everything and everyone yourself. Blessing intrasonantly means doing this with the intention of doing so with vertical effect

all inherited and acquired burdens that can and want to go now are brought into peace; gentle, in balance and without stress, safe and so that everyone is happy.

This will then happen to the person you have blessed.

If you don’t dare to bless someone else, then you can say for yourself: I hereby release everything freely and into peace that prevents me from believing and knowing that I can and should bless. I release all of this freely, gently, in balance and without stress, that’s safe for me, and everyone is happy.

Ideally, after reading these lines, you dare to bless your partner sooner than before. Otherwise, when you meet someone, you can simply say peace inside yourself – and then be amazed at how different the subsequent cooperation will be.

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