Before working with Intrasonance, please read the following:

Quantity and time

Every human being has the same amount of whole having and being available. It is therefore not possible to receive more of it intrasonantly than others.

Since Intrasonance disperses energetic injuries (dissociations) and replaces them with the individual’s own having and being, the addicted neediness of the soul gradually disappears. This also means that the behavioral pattern of having more or be more than others, as well as the notion that something is not worth it, are being said goodbye.

The aim of the intrasonant exchange is to restore the mental and thus energetic integrity. However, this restoration, which takes place through a vertical influence, is not a linear process, since every being is exposed to new dissociative experiences in everyday life. With Intrasonance, of course, they can cope much better than before.

Working intrasonantly is to connect with the one source from which all creatures feed alike, and to bring back lost self. How much and when is the responsibility of the individual involved. More than becoming completely whole is unattainable.

Of course, continuous intrasonation has a lot more effects on life. In order to bring about noticeable changes in life, the self-return is sufficient. The return to the knowledge and experience of being loved unconditionally.

Measurability and succes

It is not very helpful to believe and it is simply dishonest to say that with Intrasonance one can achieve wholeness particularly quickly or in any case. Guarantees do not exist in this sphere. Creating complete wholeness is a potential of Intrasonance; the wholeness of any creature is a vision of Intrasonance.

To claim that you “did it” is an inconsistent way of thinking, since it again aims to “be better” or “have more” than others. Because wholeness and unconditional love are equally and unconditionally available to every creature on Earth.  100 percent.

Rather, Intrasonance is to see the other person as well as oneself as beloved, and to see this continuously and to act accordingly. This would actually mean loving your neighbor as you love yourself, and it would  help to prevent further traumas.

It is recommended to use Intrasonance naturally, and to feel the effects of becoming whole inside and outside on yourself and others

If you are working on certain symptoms, please consider: Intrasonance is a continuum. Dissociations that you are now reversing because of symptoms are completely different from those that you release and exchange later, tomorrow or as little as one month later. Because it is always about the burdens that can and want to go now because they have become redundant as protection. What only shows up in a month protects you until then. Note: you can only release what is bothering you now. However, you can release around the clock as in a continuous meditation – in an inner, self-confident attitude that does however always take into consideration the well-being of those around you.

Sustainability and serenity

Retrieved parts can only be discharged through renewed traumatization. However, this is very unlikely, since the self in the event of trauma unexpectedly only splits off where it is currently the most energetically favorable.

As the energetic structure changes constantly through life and its challenges, the location of the split-off is, as mentioned, unpredictable. By working with Intrasonance, however, the structure regains more and more of its very own stability. This makes it less and less susceptible to spin-offs.

An example: If a part of the self was split off in childhood because one was not able to react emotionally stable enough in the situation at that time, and if this part was brought back in adulthood, one would – if a similar situation would re-occur – because of the life experience gained and the retrieved part be able to react in a more relaxed way.

Among other things, Intrasonance enables the outdated, “childlike” strategies with which you are still on the move as an adult to be restored by restoring your very own stability – without lengthy training of new behaviors. Because restoring inherent stability by retrieving split-off parts always means regaining the feeling of and the (knowing) knowledge of unconditional love, which enables completely different acting and reacting.

Active ingredient and use

If you want to speak of an active substance in Intrasonance, then that is life energy or the so-called unconditional love. That is why it is impossible to promote so-called “evil” skills or abilities with intrasonant work. Exactly these, as research * shows, only become possible through the separation of self.

The use of Intrasonance, especially for others, requires extensive understanding and humility for what is happening, as well as the highest respect and mindfulness towards any creature and its history.

If you intend to work intrasonantly for yourself (and please only work for others after some time), first familiarize yourself exactly with the mode of action: Intrasonance works exclusively vertically, i.e. from above, through trust, knowledge, language and imagination, i.e. through awareness, in particular for unconditional love. A horizontal exchange from person to person does not take place during Intrasonance or intrasonant work.

Experience has shown that Intrasonance works well in combination  with osteopathy and yoga. The combination with conventional forms of meditation is not recommended, as Intrasonance is essentially an independent form of meditation that can be carried out flexibly in terms of time and without preparation, from a few seconds to hours.

In addition, Intrasonance corresponds to the mode of action of blessing, which is, however, assigned with a corresponding intention.

Mysticism, spirituality et al.

Mysticism (from ancient Greek mystikós “mysterious”) is, to put it simply, the experience of a divine or absolute reality or the search for it. There is no scientific consensus on the definition of terms.

Spirituality (from Latin spiritus “spirit” or also spiro “I breathe”) is searching, turning, looking at or experiencing a transcendent reality that refers to the material world, but cannot be rationally explained.

Having dealt with both topics promotes the use of Intrasonance.

Religion, from Latin relegere “consider, be careful”, includes as a term different worldviews, which are based on the belief in a certain force or objects. The essence of Intrasonance is to be found in a sphere beyond all religions and corresponds to the simple use of absolute unity with the knowledge of its presence and mode of action.

Socio-culturally acquired religious beliefs can be helpful for access to and use of Intrasonance, but can also obstruct it. That is why it is important to state that it is a birthright to be whole. Regardless of what the scriptures or their interpretations on Earth mean.

Practice shows with regard to the major Christian religions, that individuals with a Catholic, a-religious and Islamic background find intrasonant work much easier than people who were raised as Protestants.

Now, however, since the individual is not whole and healthy, it can use Intrasonance to set out on its own according to the untouchable human dignity and in connection with the one, the security of origin, to become alive and others on this Support way.

Individual responsibility

Intrasonance appeals and is based, among others, on self-awareness and self-competence. It is intended to be used as easily as resonance. In doing so, we know where we are located in the world, including our circumstances and possibilities, and is always to be thought of in this context on Earth.

Anyone working with Intrasonance does so at his or her own responsibility.


* See e.g. B. Arno Gruen: All books and essays.