First steps

What follows here is a very simple act.

But doing very simple things can seem very difficult. Because we have almost all learned that effective things have to be difficult.

I put these steps online anyway, because it is the birthright of all humans to be able and to do this.

It is advisable to say the texts provided here in your mother tongue.

Step 1: Original alignment

Step 2: Into Have and Be

In my work as a mentor, I then proceed differently. If you want to work alone with intrasonance, you will find material in step 3 and 4 that I developed specifically for unquestionable work.

Again, this is not a method, but birthright. The formulations are tried and tested and safe. Those who reformulate do so on their own responsibility.

Step 3: Unquestionably bringing back yourself

Generally: Be a blessing

You want to work with me?

Personal mentoring (the site is available in German only, mentoring is possibe in English and French).