Unconditional love brings back lost soul parts.

CREASPIR | Creative Spiritual Care

Welcome. This page on the subject of intrasonance has existed since 2020, it is called intrasonance.com – and it will remain that way. So if you found your way here via the link creaspir.net, you’ve come to the right place. CREASPIR is the short form of Creative Spiritual Care. You can read more about this term below.

Having and Being in Balance

Work of one

Intrasonance (from Latin intra “within” and sonar “sound”) is the exclusively vertical working of the One’s, the Beyond’s of Time, unconditional love into a vibrating system and the exchange of the stressful energetic structures present there through this One, which is called love, God, life energy and the like.


Intrasonance is is a natural law phenomenon and the individual’s ability to reactivate, strengthen and expand in connection with the One, the security of origin, independent serenity, resilience, confidence, relational ability and more. Situation-related, continuous, sustainable. Because it is our birthright to be whole and healthy.

Art of living

The targeted, self-directed exchange of energetic injuries through intact energetic Having and Being of the One is an art of living that each one of us can apply for him or herself,  and for others, and for which they can also develop their own approaches. Since december 2022 I call this art of living Creative Spiritual Care – thanks to the scientific MUTASPIR cooperation (more about that here). Like resonance, Intrasonance is natural, is available to everyone equally and can be used by anyone at any time. Intrasonance is energy detox, too.

This website by Ulrike Streck-Plath contains the first description of Intrasonance in words and pictures as well as information on the application of this art of living. You can find information on personal support at usplive.de > Mentoring (the site is actually available in German only, mentoring is possible in English and French).