Only you

Who are you?

For this step, it is important that you are in your own direction, as described in step 1.

Stand up straight and say:
I am only (your first name).

If you sway forward on this statement, it is a yes.

If you sway backward, that’s a no. Then say:
I ask that I am only myself again.

If you get a yes, ask again:
I am only (your first name).

Again you should get a yes*.

You lighthouse

The reinstated self-existence corresponds to your re-erected basic structure. In this you can now reclaim your lost parts. As if you were a broken lighthouse on the beach, which at least has now been rebuilt in its basic form. Windows, doors, spiral stairs and their individual steps, furniture and much more are still missing, so to speak. But the tower itself is recognizable once again

Expand mental hygiene

You may use this just like you would use a quick shower: Check back over and over again over a longer period of time whether you are just yourself and readjust if necessary. As a result, your system “learns” over time to adopt your basic structure as your own. Here, too, the “more” energy initially used to maintain the rebuilt basic structure very quickly ensures that the system “realizes” that life requires so much less energy. The system “thanks” for this by keeping the new orientation **.

Above all, ask yourself about violent arguments with other people, whether you are just yourself and if necessary, get yourself back into yourself. So you will immediately become calmer, and more stable.

The question of whether you are yourself can be incorporated at any time into all possible everyday moments and activities that you do while standing.

If you cannot stand because you are in a wheelchair or are bedridden, someone else can, as mentioned, work for you intrasonantly. However, you can also work without swaying, see step 3.

To step 3.


* If this is not the case for you, then try this: I hereby release freely and in peace, whatever prevents me from being just myself again. I release all of this gently, in balance and without stress and in peace, that’s for sure, and everyone is happy, thank you. Then try again with the request to be just yourself.

** The description is deliberately simplified, but this deliberately simply described process is based on complex hormonal and other processes in the body, which are not described on this homepage, for reasons of clarity.